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MOUAFAC HARB: Deconstructing the Lebanese Myth |Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #67

February 27, 2022

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موفّق حرب: صحافي، مستشار وخبير استراتيجي في السياسة والاعلام

تحدّثنا في هذه السردة عن:

- الطائفية: المشكلة الاساسية في لبنان

- تشريح الاستثنائية اللبنانية - نحن مغرورون

- الحقيقة وراء "سيادتنا" كدولة

- المقارنة الغريبة ولكن الصحيحة بين خطاب سياسي وفيلم اباحي 

- الفدرالية ولماذا لا يمكن تطبيقها في لبنان


Mouafac Harb is a journalist, political and media consultant, and strategist.

In this Sarde, we spoke about the following:

- Sectarianism: the root-cause of all Lebanon’s problems

- Dissecting Lebanese exceptionalism - we’re too full of ourselves

- The truth behind our “sovereignty” as a nation

- The strange yet accurate comparison between a politician’s speech and a porno

- Federalism and how it CAN’T work in Lebanon


Sarde (noun), [Sa-r-de]: A colloquial term used in the Middle East to describe the act of letting go & kicking off a stream of consciousness and a rambling narrative.

The Sarde After Dinner Podcast is a free space based out of the heart of Beirut, Lebanon, where Médéa Azouri & Mouin Jaber discuss a wide range of topics (usually) held behind closed doors in an open and simple way with guests from all walks of life.



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